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Sofa Set In Black Color For Living Rooms

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These coatings give the Microfiber excellent durability and high resistance to fading from the sun. This produces a Fiber with a uniform grain. Pure fiber with love seat give more importance to this sofa set. This sofa is amplifying the stylish look of quality. This set will be  your side for many relaxing personal days and fun family nights to come.


  • consistent support throughout the life of the sofa
  • stainless steel sofa legs
  • Mid-century style 
  • wood frame faux tufted sofa has a distinctive look


  • Microfiber
  • Love seat dimension:  58 x 34 x 37
  • Sofa dimension:   77 x 34 x 37

What's Included:

✔️ Loveseat

✔️ Sofa

✔️ Sofa and Loveseat

Note: You can buy loveseat and sofa separately, If you don't want to buy complete set.